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October 14th, 2009 1 comment

The blog post to is an excellent reference if you are planning on redirecting your existing blog to a blog on a domain you own. However, it does not talk about redirecting a blog to a blog on a sub-domain. In this post, I want to share the steps I followed to redirect my blog to hosted on Go Daddy. I am assuming that you have already moved all your posts from your blog to your new blog and verified that Permalinks on both blogs match.


Step 1: Log into and go to the Domains in the Dashboard. Under “Add a Domain” enter your and hit “Add domain to blog”:
 Add a Domain


WordPress would come back complaining that there is a possible problem with the domain, It recommends that we add a CNAME entry pointing to blog in registrar before proceeding:
Problem Adding Domain


Step 2: Log into your account and launch Domain Manager. Select the domain name in the list of domains:
Go Daddy Select Domain


On the resulting page, click on the “Total DNS Control”:
Total DNS Selection


Inside the “Total DNS Control”, before I could add a CNAME entry for “blog”, I had to delete the existing “blog” record under A (HOST). The delete option is listed under “Actions”. Make sure you save the IP address that blog is pointing to:
 Delete Sub Domain


The next step is to create a new CNAME entry. Click on the Add New CNAME Record and fill the resulting form. Then, hit Ok and it would create a new CNAME record:
Add CNAME Record


Step 3: Repeat Step 1 and now should allow you to register the domain:
Wordpress - Add a sub domain


Follow the next steps and purchase the credits to register the domain:
Purchase Domain Mapping


Once the purchase, is complete, All the traffic for should now be redirected to
After Domain Mapping Purchase
You might need to clear the DNS Cache to verify the redirect. On Max OSX, this is done through the command: dscacheutil -flushcache


Step 4: Now that we have this going, we just need to reverse the redirection behavior. In the, select the radio button next to your sub domain and hit “Update Primary Domain”. Then, go back to the “Total DNS Control” and undo what was done in Step 2. This involves first deleting the CNAME entry and adding the blog entry under A(Host). Make sure you are using the same IP address you saved in step 2.


Once Step 4 is completed, all the blog traffic should now be sent over to the blog on your sub domain.

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