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Bamboo Rocks!!

Its been more than a week since I installed Bamboo CI server and got it running. I am very impressed with it and for some reason, I feel it is more intuitive than both Continuum and Cruise Control.

I used their “Standalone distribution” and as advertised, it virtually requires no setup. I strongly recommend to check out their five minute installation guide before starting the installation. This guide and their documentation claims that Bamboo automatically detects Builders present in the system. Weirdly, that didn’t happen during my installation.

Another interesting thing I noticed is that when Bamboo runs maven builder, maven uses the settings.xml configuration under <maven_home>\conf and completely ignores the settings.xml file under <user_home>\.m2. I am not sure if this is a Bamboo “thing” and since I had my repository and mirror information configured in <user_home>\.m2\settings.xml, my initial build failed.

I was also little confused when specifying the “Clover XML directory” location for my plan. The documentation asks to input the name of the directory (including path) where XML file is generated. After little experimentation, I got it working using “Ant” style pattern (eg., **/target/site/clover/clover.xml).

Even though I ran into couple gotchas initially, I think its a breeze working with Bamboo.

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